Velp-South ProDUTCHiez

VZP stands for Velp-Zuid ProDUTCHiez and was founded in 1989 by beatcreater / rapper Lexie Chack. Started with 'Double B' (his cousin) and later as an internet collaboration with rappers from home and abroad. Many tracks were created together with Dr. Macaw of the DMG (The most wanted) from Doetinchem. In 2003, Brat Spitt joined as a regular member.

Mona and Arne (Justin Kees) are friends of VZP who participated in a number of songs. Also often present during performances. Also DJ Fox is always up for a VZ party.

Furthermore, Lexie is always up for projects. A well-known track for many people in the area is 'Arnhem is the city' ( click here for the video clip), made with Leon Mutsaers.

The VZP originated in Velp (Gelderland), but nowadays no one of this group lives there anymore.

VZP is back…

The VZP has made quite a few tracks over the years. Several CDs have also been released under their own management. There isn't much online at the moment, but on this page you can listen to online tracks. These are old tracks (mixed in the old way). New try-out are currently only accessible to VZP members or guest rappers/singers. Soon there will be an archive with CDs, covers, mp3s, etc. A nice MP3 archive is already online .

Our first video clip: 'I want everything' can be viewed here here. But now there is much more online. Click here to join us Youtube channel.

After a few quiet years, we're back making new tracks. It is now starting to itch again and in the background are Ysette, Jerris the Sheriff, and Lexie working on new ideas.

Because we are also getting older, it has been quiet for a longer period of time. Having children also plays a role here. But now it's starting to get a bit messy. In the background are Debby Jay and Lexie busy making a plan. And further I want to fill this website. Not just with music, videos and lyrics. Also information about the village that makes our heart beat faster.

There is already a photo album about Velp online and there will be many more fun things on this page.

New project

Meanwhile, the first steps for a new album have been made. Click here for more information.

In general, beats and (test) recordings are made in studio ViaNova (Arnhem, Schuytgraaf).

Rappers, rapsters and singers who want to record something in the VZ studio can contact lexie @ 

Soon there will be more info here!

Oh yes, of course you can also take a look at our Facebook page!

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